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Timothy Frerichs, New York, USA

Shale - Anthropocene, Flexi-Rock, handmade Kozo, Digital print, Coptic Binding

unique, 26 x 21.5 x 1. cm


Timothy writes: My artwork and research investigate how representations have shaped our interaction and impact on our environment. The majority of my work is based on researching a specific site. My artist books, works on paper and installations use images, drawings and objects collected from the specific sites and related cultural and historical sources. I am especially interested in
human’s intentional and unintentional impact on their environment.  Past works have dealt with issues such as invasive species and connection with historical transportation systems (Penetrating minds, A(long) the line, A(long) the line – Troy).
The more recent installation, sculptural artist books and intaglio investigate geological forms for symbolic content. The locally sourced shale rock imagery metaphorically refers to the sedimentary geological formation process. The imagery is a meditation on the acknowledged human influence on contemporary geology (the Anthropocene). Furthermore, shale rock carries the contextual consideration of its contemporary role as an energy source. The artwork alludes to the geopolitical and environmental ramifications (including water resources) of shale energy extraction.

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