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Elisa Markes-Young, Western Australia

Żagiel (The Sail), Polish 1975 copy of Lonely White Sail by Valentin Kataev, photograph of the boat, embroidered text of Mikhail Lermontov's The Sail (1832) that inspired Kataev.

Unique, (boat) 60 x 60 cm, (photograph) 85 x 180 cm

(boat) $950, (photograph) $1200.

Elisa writes: Żagiel (The Sail), 2016
Kataev's book (written 1936) was required reading in primary school during my childhood. A book describing the 1905 revolution from the viewpoint of two Odessa schoolboys, it was famous and admired for its gorgeous detailed descriptions of the hot Crimean grasslands, the vineyards by the seaside and the life in Odessa.

The embroidery reads:
The lonely sail is showing white
Among the haze of the blue sea!
What does it search in foreign part?
What left it in the native land?

The waves are playing, wind is whistling,
And bending mast is creaking loud,
Alas, – it does not hunt for pleasure
And nor from pleasure does it run!

Below – a bright stream of azure,
Above – a golden beam of sun,
But it, rebellious, asks for tempests
As if the tempests give a rest!

(translation Dimitri Smirnov)

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