Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: Manchurian Campaign Part 3, December 1894 - March 1895
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Japanese troops bivouacking near the shore after landing at Yungcheng Bay. Officers gather around a campfire with roaring orange flames, one man smoking as another stretchers his hands out to warm them. The fire casts an orange glow on the faces on the men, the smoke billowing up across the sky. Tents are set up at left next to another campfire, and soldiers can be seen in silhouette at right as they approach.  The large war ship appears dark grey against the night sky, and smaller boats ferry troops across the water. A terrific image with beautiful handling of the effects of the firelight and fine bokashi shading. A great subject from this historic conflict.

After the Japanese sought a landing place, an army doctor Nozawa Busaburō, wrote; “We landed in Yungcheng Bay on January 20, 1895…. The bay was surrounded by rocky, barren hills two hundred meters high. The mouth of the bay faced southeast and to the northeast were mountains, which blocked the biting north wind. This was the best winter landing place. It was a deep-water shore, permitting the ships to moor and us to land with dry feet…. We set up camp in a graveyard shaded by pine trees…. We heated our rice with hot water but could not find enough wood to light real fires. We cut down the green pine trees but they did not burn well. Wearing several layers and lying in a circle, we tried to sleep…. In the smoky air, sleepy and cold, the moment we fell asleep we shivered and woke up, suffocating in smoke. Finally the morning came…. There were no more pine trees to be found.” Hatori Keichi et al., eds Nozawa Busaburō shuki (Sanjōshi, 1974), pp.35-38.=

Collections: Jean S. and Frederic A.  Sharf Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts.
                      Philadelphia Museum of Art.

References: Illustrated in the 1983 catalogue Impressions from the Front by Shumpei Okamoto”,catalogue no: 63, page 40.


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