Sino-Japanese War 1894-95:Invasion of Taiwan (Formosa)
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Dramatic scene from the Sino-Japanese War of the Japanese soldier Tanaka Ishimatsu sneaking up on an enemy. He crouches behind a tree along the water’s edge, gripping his gun with bayonet fixed, watching intently. A guard is visible in silhouette next to the smoke rising from bonfires, the moon glowing softly above.
Beautifully rendered with calligraphic line work in the grasses and foliage, with soft gradations of colour in this almost monochromatic image. Nicely detailed with delicate cloth embossing in the soldier’s white clothing.


References: Illustrated in the Shinbaku Books 2014 publication “Massacres in Manchuria: Sino Japanese War Prints 1894-1895”, edited by Jack Hunter, page 127.

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