Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: The Yellow Sea
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Dramatic scene of a naval battle during the Sino-Japanese War. In the centre, sailors load a shell into the barrel of a gun as an explosion fills the background with rays of yellow light. An officer at right waves his sword in the air as another sailor rushes up behind him. Waves crash against the side of the ship, sending up a spray of white foam, realistically rendered with a hand-applied splattering of white paint. The silhouette of ships can be seen in the distance against the grey sky.

An unusual close-up image of sailors at work in the heat of battle. A great design. A small motor launch can be seen at left, smoke chugging from the stack, and sailors row smaller boats towards the shore. Flags and pennants flutter from the masts of the large ships anchored in the bay. A fantastic image with wonderful detail and soft shading in the water and sky.

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