Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: The Yellow Sea
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On September 17, 1894, the Japanese Combined Fleet met the Chinese Northern Fleet in the battle of the Yellow Sea. Both sides were accompanied by torpedo boats. The Chinese lost a number of ships and others were damaged. The Japanese, too, suffered losses of men and ships but won the day. Gekkō depicts the height of battle and focuses attention on the ships, not the men who manned them. Excerpt fromIn Battles Light’, Catalogue No.3, page 29.

This four sheet print highlights the moment when the small Japanese gunboat, Akagi, was attacked by the large Chinese cruiser, Kingyuen. The Akagi, became trapped between the cruiser and another Chinese ship. Despite its smaller firepower and disadvantageous position, the Akagi, eventually prevailed. Excerpt from 2001, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts publication ‘Japan at the dawn of the Modern Age: Woodblock Prints from the Meiji Era’. Page 136.

Collections: Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf Collection, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts.
Austrian Museum of Applied Arts (1 panel)

References: Illustrated on the web-site:, in the 2014 paper, Ogata Gekko: War Triptychs. p.10. Quadruptych 27.
Illustrated  in the 1991 Worcester Art Museum publication “In Battles Light”, Catalogue number 3. p.29.
lllustrated in the 2001 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts publication “Japan at the Dawn of the Modern Age”, Catalogue number 36, p.83.



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