Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: The Phyongyang Campaign
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Dramatic battle scene from the Sino-Japanese War of Japanese troops bombarding a fort at Pyongyang, Korea. Troops man cannon at the water’s edge at left, while soldiers in silhouette atop a rocky rise aim an electric spotlight at the target, sending a shaft of light beaming across the dark sky. An officer sits behind a portable desk behind the men, and a cloud of smoke rises from the muzzle of one of the guns. Shells explode at right, creating clouds of orange smoke, the entire area surrounded by a circle halo of eerie orange light.

At dawn on 15 September, 1894, the Japanese brigades under Lieutenant General Nozu Michitsura and Major General Oshima Yoshimasa surrounded the stronghold at Pingyang and began a full attack. The Chinese, entrenched and fortified, fought fiercely as the battle developed. When the Japanese toppled the Gembu Gate, however, the Chinese commanders began to consider evacuation. The north wing commander Tso Pao-kwei led his troops to repel the Japanese forces and died courageously in battle, but the supreme commander Yeh Chih-chao fled in the night, bringing about the Chinese defeat. After twenty-four hours of hellish battle, one hundred eighty Japanese were dead and more than five hundred were wounded. More than two thousand Chinese were killed, six hundred were captured, and countless were wounded. With the fall of Pingyang, the last Chinese position in Korea was lost, and cannons, ammunition, horses, rice, and other provisions were left behind for the Japanese.
Collections :      British Library.
The Philadelphia Museum of Art
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