Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: The Phyongyang Campaign
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On 8 August, a Battalion of infantry of the 12th Regiment (10th Brigade) had reached the port of Genzan, with a Company of artillery, destination: Seoul. But having  communicated with Lieutenant-General Nozu, announcing their coming, they were sent back to Sak-riöng to reinforce the Battalion of the Mixed Brigade stationed there. From that moment, this united force became known as the Sak-riöng Detachment, consisting of two Battalions of infantry and one Company of artillery. It formed the right flank during the attack onPhyöng-Yang.

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Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Collection.
British Library.
B H Chamberlain Collection.
Lavenberg Collection of Japanese Prints.

References :      Illustrated in The Lavenberg Collection of Japanese Prints “Sino-Japanese War Prints (1894-1895)”,
                        (c.1894-1904)  (IHL Cat. #349)

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