Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: The Phyongyang Campaign
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Battle scenein the mountains at Pyongyang during the Sino-Japanese War. On the top of a hill at right, a Japanese officer surveys the fighting below with a pair of binoculars. Three men kneel behind him, examining a map of the area to plan the next attack. Troops below exchange volleys of shots with orange streaks zipping across the valley among puffs of smoke. Hand-to-hand combat takes place at far left, with several Chinese soldiers tumbling over the edge. A dramatic image, nicely detailed with soft bokashi shading in the sky.

While General Oshima made a frontal attack, Lieutenant-General Nozu sent some of his men in a pincer movement to surprise the Chinese from the left flank, provoking a general panic, with men jumping over the cliffs. It seems that over 2,000 Chinese lost their lives during the battle.

Collections :      British Library.
The Basil Hall Chamberlain Collection.

References :      Illustrated in the 1983 publication “The Sino-Japanese War by Nathan Chaikïn”, catalogue number:
                        28. p.136.


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