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39. Shunbaisai Hokuei, act 1828 -1836

Kabuki actors in the play Shibai suikoden 108 no uchi (The 108 Heroes of the Theatrical Suikoden) in which three heroes capture a female enemy chief near a marsh. Nakamura Shikin II as Kyumonryu Shishen, Nakamura Baigyoku (Utaemon III) as Nyuunryu Kosansho, Nakamura Rikan Keishi (Tomijuro II) as Kosanjo Ichijosei, and Arashi Rikan II as Rorihakucho Chojun

Published by Kinkado Konishi, 11/1835

This work has been described as the crowning achievement of Osaka printmaking



colour woodblock triptychtetraptych print
overall (h)36 cm (w)102 cm

framed $4750





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