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Alex Hamilton, Victoria, Australia

Ongoing jottings of Alex Hamilton, 2010 - 19; A/P; printed facsimiles of sketchbook pages - all in Pitt pen; 11.5 x 11.5 cm


Alex writes: No image can be completely read.  As with the alternating state of the ice trumpet, my drawings use seeing and not seeing as a way of reading drawing, and a means through which we become aware of what we read into seeing.  My drawings start as site specific before detouring into invention in order to talk about the site. Some contain the word “Nope” hidden within the marks on the paper, while the other “grey field drawings” have a corresponding field of discontinuous patternations which go some, but not all the way, to mirror or represent the corresponding drawing.

Alternating between seeing and not seeing, I equate the “blank” with something bigger than art, with re-imagining, with the difficult-to-see.  Exploring the so called ”blanks” in our lives – in the social, physical, personal, and political worlds around us – as a place where people think nothing exists, a tundra, is instead a positive opportunity to imagine, name and act.  We construct what we perceive we alter.

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