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Virginia Milici, Italy

I look Over My Shoulders (Ti guardo di); Unique;Ink on paper; 18 x 18 cm


Virginia writes:For a long time I have chosen to express myself even through words, next to my
side pictorial creative. In doing so I let speak my soul and alternately the number
of my artistic moments, a style researching a way of doing and saying to
disclose my being.
Leaving on paper here is the collage of signs and a lean poetic sometimes
careless almost random.
Not true poetry but essential words and signs, little signs that deliver images and
mild metaphors of thought. Words and poetry, light and precise…
Alternate by the appearance of unclear images but mentioned by the signs.
Alternating images by the appearance of undefined but hinted at by the signs,
carried to the surface to collage sometimes mixed stranded to integrate into a
single new image…
Sometimes leaving the suspended thoughts and indefinite


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