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Gabriel Stevens , Western Australia


Tree Lights: Hyde Park

Screenprint on Hahnemühle paper and Stonehenge

28.5 x 39.2cm; prints - 57 x 78cm


Book $1,200; prints $330

Gabriel Stevens writes: Being familiar with Hyde Park is an outcome of the amount of time I have spent there.  There is an interconnected relationship between users of the space and its environment. [1] In Places not Spaces cultural planner Marla Guppy says: “It is in the familiar terrain of local environments that our most fundamental relationships to place are determined.” [1.2] With this visit I traced the line and form of the trees with the camera using long shutter speeds revealing the light. These works are a visual representation of being in that place and the experience of walking through Hyde Park at night.
[1] Winikoff, T. et al. Places Not Spaces: placemaking in Australia. Envirobook Publishing. 88 Cumberland Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Australia Council for the Arts (1995). [P14-15, 46-47]



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