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Gera Woltjer, Western Australia


Ik ben niet lief / I am not sweet #2. VI
Digital image, latex ink on Tyvek® Soft Structure, board, buckram, fabric
10 x 26 x 56cm
Edition 5 One of five + Artist's Proof
$900 1 Sold


In this book object, Gera Woltjer builds on a previous series of work focusing on self-identity by use of her old braid. This body of hair encloses layers of stories, and the work reflects on a period of growth and resilience. This work is a smaller variation of a large installation.

"As a young feminist in the 90s in Utrecht (the Netherlands), my long blond hair sometimes attracted unwanted attention and menacing gestures. I asserted my female power by cutting off this piece of braided hair that connected me like an umbilical cord with the young woman that I was. I felt the need to be free from the gender label, and to be strong, I lost a part of me. But here it is: powerful and beautiful: it never lost me."


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