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Eimear Doyle, Western Australia

Poem by James Gallager

Absence Makes

Hand-made book of watercolour paper, sewn together with the addition of paper glue. Covered with a black and white patterned fabric, and a matching fabric wrap to bind it. Illustrations completed with black fine liner pen, with cross hatching pattern down by hand on each page with increasing intensity as the book develops. The author was in prison at the time of writing this, and the illustration texture provides appropriate harsh context to the soft words used. The last page opens out for an extended finale that represents the heart growth the author is longing for.  

32 x 33 x 15cm



Eimear is an emerging artist from Galway, Ireland, residing in Fremantle WA. Her practice focuses on vivid paintings and illustrations inspired by dreams, surrealism, and tall tales. With a background as a product photographer and image editor, she’s currently expanding on these skills to create more digital art and graphic design works.



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