Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: Victory Celebration
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Striking image of the Japanese taking a Chinese fortress during the Sino-Japanese War. In the centre, an officer proudly raises the Japanese flag, signalling their victory to the battleship on the ocean below. At right, a soldier sounds his bugle, while troops cheer from atop the tower ahead of him. A Chinese casualty lies on the floor nearby. At lower left, another man waves his hat as smaller boats ferry additional troops to the shore. A circular inset at upper left depicts peace negotiations between the Chinese and Japanese. A handsome composition, nicely detailed with burnishing in the officer’s uniform in the centre, and fine bokashi shading in the water and sky.

On 20th March 1895 peace negotiations began at the Shunpanrō, a Japanese style inn in Shimonoseki Yamaguchi Prefecture (also known at that time as Akamagaseki and Bakan). Japan’s representatives were Prime Minister Itō  Hirobuni, the Japanese Plenipotentiary, and Foreign Minister Mutsu Munemitsu, while China was represented by the Imperial Commissioner and Plenipotentiary Li Hongzhang (Minister of Beiyang Commerce and Viceroy of Zhili) and Imperial Commissioner Li Jingfang, Chinese Ambassador to Japan. Shortly after the start of the conference, on 24th March, Li Hongzhang was shot and wounded in the street by Koyama Toyotarō (Rokunosuke) and had to withdraw temporarily from the talks. The Shimonoseki Treaty was signed on 17th April 1895.

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