Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: Victory - Satirical Prints
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Kiyochika produced this manga series of political cartoons during the Sino-Japanese war in 1894-1895, when Japan fought with China for control over Korea and won. The title of the series is a pun on the phrase, “One Hundred Battles, One Hundred Victories.”

This unique series is one of Kiyochika’s most unusual works. Drawn in a distinctly comic style, each print is a wildly imaginative illustration filled with unrestrained fantasy and exaggeration. Kiyochika’s satiric depictions poked fun at the Chinese and flaunted the new modernization of Meiji era Japan as superior to the old ways of China. Ironically, these images often paralleled the “anti-Oriental” cartoons that Westerners were producing at the same time.

The series appeared in two parts with Long Live Japan: One Hundred Victories, One Hundred Laughs, limited to 50 images and the second part, possibly uncompleted, entirled Magic Lantern of Society: One Hundred Victories, One Hundred Laughs' marking Japan's victory.

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