Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: Capture of Wei hai wei, 18 January - 12 February 1895
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Handsome scen of the Battle of Weihaiwei during the Sino-Japanese War. In the harbour beyond, Japanese ships bombard a town to divert attention from the landing of the Japanese Army. Two officers are shown on horseback at centre, surveying the naval campaign from a snowy hilltop, one gesturing out over the water with his sword. Troops climb the hill at left as clumps of snow fall from the tree overhead and a narrow stream rushes over the distant mountains/ A fine composition with burnishing in the black uniforms and soft bokashi shading in the setting.

Collections: The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Basil Hall Chamberlain Collection

References: Illustrated in the Shinbaku Books 2014 publication “Massacres in Manchuria: Sino Japanese War Prints 1894-1895”, edited by Jack Hunter, page 114.
Illustrated in the 1983 publication “The Sino-Japanese War by Nathan Chaikïn”, catalogue No: 89, page 200.

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