Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: Capture of Wei hai wei, 18 January - 12 February 1895
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Collections :                  St. Louis Art Museum

References :                 Conflicts of Interest, Art and War in Modern Japan, (St. Louis exhibition catalogue, 2016) pp.30-31, figures 5 – 7.


            The middle and right hand panels had previously been published by the same publisher in 1890 with a different design by Chikanobu for the left hand panel, under the title  Visit by His Imperial Majesty to the Combined Exercises of Army and Navy Forces.

             The variant of 1894 was published under two  titles, as above, Our Forces Occupying Weihaiwei, as recorded here, andthe Great Sino-Japanese War in the Vicinity of Asan. The former is documented in this collection within Manchuria Campaign Capture of Wei hai Wei :

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