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        Bathers Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia 

4 - 21 May 2017

Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 4pm





Artist, writer and former University professor, Christopher Crouch's latest exhibition is framed by the idea of absence and presence. City trees are drawn separated from their immediate surroundings, revealing how they have grown in response to outside constraints; their branches and twigs are then painted in styles that purport be realistic, moving backwards and forwards between wall paper and botanical studies. Finally, a set of large etchings takes images of these twigs and leaves and transforms them into garlands gathered around an absent sculptural bust
The exhibition coincides with the publication of his book Lenin in Perth, an account of Lenin's exile in Perth, which also deals with absence and presence.


The Lenin Reading Room worked closely with Atomic Activity Books and the writer and artist Dr Christopher Crouch. Using newly revealed material from the Institute of Leninist Metaphor's archives, his short work Lenin in Perth 1925-53 introduces Lenin's exile  through a transformative moment in the baking summer of 1949. 

For four years the Lenin Reading Room has been operating out of Gotham Studios in Northbridge from a room which was part of Lenin's lodgings when he first arrived in Perth. The reading room has the only complete edition of Lenin's collected works in Perth, and also houses the Institute of Leninist Metaphor's collection of Leninalia. 

"When Lenin arrived incognito at the port of Fremantle in 1925 the turbulent state of Western Australia, of which Perth was the capital, was still consolidating the transformation of its colonial legacy into political autonomy. The Emu War of 1932 - where troops armed with machine guns were deployed to control rogue emus in the Campion district - was yet to be fought, and it was to be another year before the Forrest River Massacre took place; the last in a string of poorly documented 'incidents' in which the state asserted its right to rule over the Indigenous population through the power of the bullet rather than the ballot. Lenin's emotional rock, the formidable Nadezhda Krupskaya wrote to him forlornly after his escape from the forthcoming flames of Stalinism into the hot furnace of Western Australia.

“Vladimir Ilyich, my love, what will become of you trapped like Alice in a world behind the looking glass; indeed a world worse than hers, not only insensible because it is back to front, but because it is also upside down.”

Lenin in Perth 1925-53  Atomic Activity Books

His work is held in the collections of Museo Internacional de Electrografia Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, Spain; The University of Liverpool, UK, the Liverpool School of Architecture, UK, Art Bank, Wesfarmers, Western  Australia, Edith Cowan University, and Qingdao Art Gallery, the People’s Republic of China.


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